Monday, October 24, 2005

Just Life

An Update...

So... Not much is happening here. There are seven days until Halloween and I'm not going out for it. It's all because of my friends. They want to have a scary movie night or something... Oh well, I guess I might be getting too old for it anyway. Haha...

So today, we had a soccer game. We won, but it was about 40° outside, and today was supposed to be the warmest day of the week. I am going to be sad when soccer comes to an end because I am just starting to be respected on the team. Of course, it has to happen right as the season is going to end, but whatever. The people on the team are nice once you get to know them, but after the season is finished, I won't even see like three quarters of them.

Let's see...
What's going on...?

I have a language arts test tomorrow that is going to be impossibly hard because we have to memorize so many myths. I have another soccer game tomorrow and it's going to be colder. I also have one more soccer game on Wednesday, and it's supposed to be even colder. Fun fun fun fun fun...

NASA was grounded again because of storms, and the next launch window is May, two more months after the original window. NASA is going to start building its CEV, or Crew Exploration Vehicle. This will replace the space shuttle by around 2010. NASA is also thinking about returning to the moon and traveling to Mars by 2030.
I really hope that my dreams come true, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that they do.

I bet that most people reading this think that it's funny that I want to be an astronaut. This isn't just a childish hope, I really want to go into a technical career, and then travel into space.

Those of you that are laughing, is it because you have no dream of your own?

Anyway, I have to get studying for my test and do the rest of my homework.

Signing off...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Another One of Those Days

Well today was another one of those days that I had a moment where I realized how great life is. I was listening to the song Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy.
Before this, I wasn't having a very good day, and as soon as I realized that life is really great, (so says the song Life is Good by LFO,) a smile came to my face and my day was revived.

I guess this is just a Monday thing... If you look back one entry, I talked about it, and it was also a Monday...

So, what's happening this week?

I have a science test on Thursday about chemistry, and a science quiz on Friday on Latin. I have a science report due on Friday, and a language arts quiz on Friday, oh yeah, and a social studies quiz on Friday. Wow, lots of quizzes and tests, but most of the things are science. Seems like my life revolves around science, because next week and the week after, I have two more projects due from that class. Then I have a test on the 18th in Science, fun...

Ohhhh well,
Anyone reading this, I hope that I brightened your day a little bit, but if I didn't just keep looking back for more positive thoughts.

Just remember:
Everyone has their faults, accept them and learn to live with them. Don't ever let anyone make fun of you for what's different between you and them.

Monday, September 19, 2005

An Update

An Update

I realize that my last entry today was not so happy, so I thought that I might just brighten someone’s day by putting something happy in.

In all seriousness…

Have you ever had a moment where you realize how amazing and great life actually is? You realize that although people might pretend to hate you, make fun of you, or make you feel inferior, everyone is connected in some way, and everyone has their faults. If you haven’t had one of these moments in life, try to, it’ll immediately put a smile on your face.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Always act as if today were the best day of your life.


Call Me Mellow


What can I say about today?
Let me just start out by saying that it wasn't the best day that I've ever had.
I was late to school because of my friends and because my locker wouldn't open. My iPod was taken away because another one of my friends decided that he wanted to play a game on it when the teacher was watching, I have a ton of homework, and my eye decided that it would be funky like two days before picture day.
Oh well, being the person that I am, I will do my best to make tomorrow the best day this week.

What's happening tomorrow?
I have a soccer game, I am going to the library to research water for biology class... not much is happening...

I think that it's time for an update on what's going on around here.


first block:english

Not much is happening in this class. We are learning about PSSA writing styles, as if we haven't already learned about them one hundred times before. We are also doing vocabulary, which is not too bad. My teacher is Mrs. Dunning, and she is nice, but she can be strict at times.

second block:science

Science is going well, except for the amount of work that we have. We have already had four test things and it’s only the beginning of the third week of school. I like the teacher, but she can be somewhat weird at times. Her name is Mrs. Ursillo, and she is confusing. I don't know whether or not she likes me yet, so I'm still playing it safe. I already have an A- in that class because she puts stupid things on the test that no one knows... I don't think that anyone in my class has better than a very low A, so I'm not doing to bad.

third block:health

Okay, I really don't know what to say about this class. It is the most annoying class at times, and others, it is the most fun to be in because we do nothing. We are learning about communication skills, and it's really retarded because we all have them. Dr. Berger is the teacher, who was also the foods teacher in middle school, so everyone knows her, and knows that she's nuts. She is a crazy lady that is clueless to everything.

fourth block:socialstudies

Well this class is okay. My view on social studies though is that it's done, it's over, it happened, let's move on. I have never liked these classes, but this one is not bad. My teacher is young, so she is still tolerable of people misbehaving. She is nice and lets you get away with things that you are not supposed to get away with, like wearing a hat in school. The only bad thing is that we have to do this stupid thing called SQRRR. It stands for Survey, Question, Read, Review, and Respond. We have them like every night, so I just expect that we'll be doing them and get used to it.

fifth block:orchestra

Fifth block is an activity period, it's not actually a class that you get a grade in. Orchestra is okay, it's only on Monday's and Wednesdays, so that's fine. Mr. Hontz, the director, is a crazy man who likes to yell. We are playing hard music, but I'll learn it.

after that:soccer

This is every day, and gets very annoying. I like to play soccer, but not every day in 95-degree weather. We have games like twice a week, which gets rid of the burden of practicing, but adds pressure of winning. Oh well...

Overall, school is going pretty well, but I hope that it gets better. I don't seem stressed by school in writing all of this, but really, somehow, I am.

Everything Else:

Uh…nothing is going on at all. Seriously, we live in the most boring town in the world.

Anyway, I have some pictures of the moon, but I'll only post t so I don't bore people. Yes, I took these, just in case anyone was wondering.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Shuttle Towed Back

Well, I am back from my week at camp, sick and unhappy, but whatever.
So the shuttle was towed back to Florida yesterday. It looked kinda funny in the pictures with the engine covers and everything. I'll post one.
Anyway, I still haven't put up my links to the Discovery wake up song, but I'll get around to it. I already tried, but iTunes gave me trouble with the iMix. It didn't include all of the songs, even though they sell like all but three.

Well it is already one thirty in the morning, so I'll just doze off now, I really should be reading my stupid summer reading book. Agh it sucks, it is Frankenstein. Oh well...and after Frankenstein, I have another book to read... and all with only like 14 days of summer left... GOODY...

Well time to go to bed- nite

Discovery in the air.

This was early today when they were undocking discovery in Florida.